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Choose from 6 different product videos about HairGenesis hair loss treatment products

Choose from 6 different product videos about HairGenesis hair loss treatment products

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Hair Genesis - Success Stories (Men and Women)

A way that's natural ...

As an eight year HairGenesis customer, it occurred to me that I haven't had to worry about hair loss in so long that I've literally stopped thinking about it. I have such peace of mind, both because I continue to grow a great head of hair and because I'm doing it in a way that's natural. I feel as good about using HairGenesis as I do about taking vitamins and exercising. It's a healthy part of my life that's given me eight years of results that I couldn't be more happy with.
Mike B. - from near Los Angeles, CA

I have used NuHair but ...

I have used NuHair but HairGenesis is better. My hair is getting thicker using HairGenesis it has shown me why its clinically proven. I've started to see my hair growing back in where my receding hairline used to be, this product has proven to me that it works.
Louis M. - Bridgeport, CT area

 Thicker and fuller hair ...

I'm growing new hair and my hair is getting thicker and fuller. I'm very pleased with HairGenesis.
Clifton H. - Dallas, TX area

 Result are very good ...

Results are very good , I also combine it with natural supplements for medical pauses. My hair was thinning, but now it's thickening. My hair looks great and has grown to my shoulders and looks fuller. I'm very pleased.
Doretta W. - Manchester, CT area

 My hair is growing in ...

My hair is growing in the crown area. It's looking a lot better now, and thinning is not noticeable anymore.
Richard O. - Trenton, NJ area

 Very happy ...

I'm so very happy, I'm not losing anymore of my hair.
Sue W. - Santa Fe, NM area

 First product that help my hair to regrow ...

First product to help my hair regrow. It not only stop my hairloss but it actually worked to regrow my hair. My hair has grown in the back and front and starting to fill in nicely.
Richard O. - Winnipeg , Canada area

 I have been using your product ...

I have been using your product since February of this year. Previously, I'd used Rogaine for many years, however, decided that I no longer wished to use the Minoxidil. I decided to give HairGenesis a try. I am 63 and your representative told me that in people my age, the results mat not be very good, and that I should be aware of this. After stopping the Rogaine, of course , I lost a lot of hair. I used your topical for the first three months as instructed to do. And now only taking the gel caps and using the shampoo, And after 7 months I have seen my hair thicker in the lower back of my head and on top, there are significant quantities of 1 1/2 inch of new hairs. I only look for things to improve even more as I know that the hair on top of my head is slower to grow than in other areas. I am looking forward to continued success with the use of your product.
Mary A. - Richmond, VA area

 Very happy with the results ...

I have maintained my hair and now I'm very happy with the results of HairGenesis.
Bernie E. - Fort Worth, TX area

 She is very happy with her results ...

My hair dresser said my hair was getting thinner, so I started using HairGenesis and now. My hair dresser says "your hair is so thick and full."
Victoria L. - Pueblo, CO area

 Everyone comments on how good my hair looks ...

My hair is a lot fuller and thicker now and I'm very happy with the results. Everyone comments on how good my hair looks.
Richard O. - Providence, MA area

 I've notice a difference ...

I've notice a difference in my hair, it seems fuller.
Monica L. - San Jose, CA area

 I am very pleased ...

I purchased the largest package deal you have about three to four months ago and I am very pleased to be getting my hair back, thank you. I have to admit I was skeptical, but this stuff works. I took photos when I first started taking you product so that I could compare for myself. I expect it will take another 6 to 8 months to get a full head of hair back , but I'm just glad to have HairGenesis.
David F. - St. Paul, WI area

 My hairloss stopped ...

My hairloss has stopped , at age 51. I also have peach fuzz growing where I was once bald. Hair Genesis does work.
John D. - Los Angeles, CA area

 It took only 2 to 3 months ...

It took only 2 to 3 months before I saw root tips and new growth. At 48 years old my hair started thinning gradually for a year, I started using the whole system and now I'm very pleased and satisfied.
Vanessa B. - Chicago, IL area

 I have been using your product for only three weeks ...

I am already seeing incredible results! My hair is no longer falling out, and overall my hair is thicker and healthier. I can't wait to see how it is 3 months from now.
Sharon B. - Miami, FL area

 My hair is soft and healthy looking ...

I tried your product because my hair was thinning on top. I always had a full head of wavy black hair and I was about to say good-bye to it. I've used one month worth of your product and I have seen a definite improvement. My hair is soft and healthy looking. I'm growing hair along my hairline as well as on top of my head. The thinning area is filling in. it is not noticeable that my hair is thinning on top anymore. My hair stylists asked me what I was using. She will be recommending it to her other clients.
Gerry P. - Newark, DE area

 My hair is growing in the front and back ...

My hair is growing in the front and back, where I was once balding. But now my hair is filling in now after using your product for about 17 months.
Samuel J. - Columbus, OH area

 I'm seeing a little growth ...

I'm seeing a little growth at 64 years old, and now I'm maintaining the growth now.
Al B. - Chicago, IL area

 I'm very impressed ...

I had loss about 20%-30% of my hair . Then I started using HairGenesis and notice a complete reversed of my hair loss. It stopped falling out, especially in the front where I can see new hair growth, I was a little bit of a doubter but now I believe, I'm very impressed.
James H. - Virginia Beach, VA area

 I tried almost all kinds of hair growth products ...

I tried almost all kinds of hair growth products and none of them work. I barely could see any results. But after I tried HairGenesis the results are really incredible. I kept my hat on as to give my friends a surprise, only after 2 months I got thicker hair, and I started to notice the baby hairs, only after 2 weeks of use. I really recommend Hair Genesis.
Sergio G. -Los Angeles, CA area

 I look great! And I am very happy ...

I look great! And I am very happy with my hair growth. HairGenesis defiantly stopped my hairloss, it's working like it's supposed to.
Gary S. - Washington, DC area

 I have seen new growth ...

I seen new growth and now I am maintaining my hair.
Anthony R . - Charlotte, NC area

 It is definitely working ...

It is definitely working. It has been filling in the 2 spots of my hairloss in the back. I am maintaining my hair. And also I am seeing new hair growth.
Diana G. - Mount Vernon, NY area

 Great results, at age 61 ...

Great results, at age 61. All of a sudden my whole family has had hairloss, dad and my brothers. I wear my hair down to my collar and then I noticed thinning all over. Now I seen significant results in just a few months from hair thickness to increasing growth. My hair started filling in real good and defiantly I am not losing as much hair in my bathroom floor when I blow dry my hair.
Ronald S. - Camino Ramon, CA area

 I have been using Hair Genesis for 2-1/2 months ...

I have been using Hair Genesis for 2-1/2 months using the shampoo and topical serum, they have made my hair thicker and hair loss has slowed down and with better texture.
Erik J. - Petersburg, VA area

 I was losing a lot of hair ...

I was losing a lot of hair. Combing chunks of hair out each time, but now the hair loss has stopped altogether. I used to have a huge amount of hair, that it was so easy to see so much of it falling out. HairGenesis really works, I'm so happy.
Christine F. - Long Island, NY area

 I am seeing new hair growth ...

I am seeing new growth and also maintaining my growth with HairGenesis.
Richard S. - York, PA area

 Not losing hair anymore ...

I am not losing hair anymore, defiantly its working like they said it would.
Richard R. - Lemon Grove, CA area

 It stop my hair loss ...

It stop my hair loss, the product really works.
Brian M. - Coney Island, NY area

 New hair growth ...

After my pregnancy I seen new hair growth, my hair is back to normal, I will continue to use HairGenesis Shampoo and Conditioner.
Martha C. - Dallas, TX area

 I am 40 years old and seeing thicker hair ...

I am 40 years old and seeing thicker hair, I only took the HairGenesis DHT Blockers - Hair Vitamins.
Rhonda J. - Bethel, CT area

 New hair after 9 months ...

I have new hair growth after 9 months and will continue to use HairGenesis.
Frank R. - Port Orange, FL area

 New growth and thickness ...

I've seen great results. New growth and thickness, now I am maintaining my new found results.
Karen W. - Highland Park, IL area

 No more thinning ...

There is no more thinning at all and now I see growth.
Carolyn B. - Los Angeles, CA area

 Significant growth ...

I am getting a significant amount of growth.
William B. - Topeka, KS area

 New hair growth on receding hairline ...

I am seeing new hair growth on my receding hairline and the result have made me very happy.
Eric H. - Canton, PA area

 This is the only product that has worked ...

This is the only product that has worked. I used Rogaine, ShenMin and Helsinki formula. With HairGenesis, I noticed no more hair loss the bald spot in the back of my scalp is gone. I seen new hair growth in the front of my scalp as well.
Matt W. - Reseda, CA area

 I have new hair growth ...

I had been losing hair on the top. I now have new hair growth in that area, I' am very pleased with the results.
Walters N. - Madison, WI area

 There is a discernable difference. I can really see the difference ...

I have been getting surprising results. I got one bottle of the vitamin soft gels a couple of months ago. I had noticed a spot of baldness on my receding front hairline. I first cut my hair. then I began using your product. I let my hair grow longer and there is now a discernable difference.

I can really see the difference. You read where Propecia has sexual side effects, but your product is the opposite. It does not have those side effects.
Derrick B. - Washington, DC area

 I no longer see hair falling out when I comb ...

I seen a difference in my scalp, it is no longer dry. And my appearance looks healthier and, hair loss has been decreasing. I no longer see hair falling out when I comb my hair.
Todd P. - Amherst, OH area

 I have seen a stop to receding hairline ...

I seen a stop to my receding hairline, and Hair Genesis Products has maintained the hair.
Richard B. - Hampton, VA area

 There is a definite visible improvement, shorter hairs growing in ...

I have been using your products for about two months. I definitely noticed improvement. My case was sort of different than others, since it is stress-related. I had a lot of hair falling out rapidly and more balding in the back. My hair was very thick. But I was losing 200 hairs a day - I was counting them.

Now since using Hair Genesis, it's more like just losing 30 - 50 hairs a day. That's a huge improvement!

My hair is filling in so much better. I could never see my part before, but there is definite visible improvement, shorter hairs growing in. My hair dresser tried to talk me into using Nioxin, but I am sticking with your product.

Doctors recommend Rogaine For Women to me. I read all about it and I just did not want to use that ... the need to keep using the Minoxidil in Rogaine. The hair vitamins (Oral Soft Gel - DHT Blockers) is good vitamin product.

Before using Hair Genesis, I also had a painful burning on my scalp. Your shampoo relieved that as well. Your product is worth using. .
Deborah W. - Ontario, CA area

 hair growth in the FRONT, balding patch in the BACK filling in ...

I have some hair growth in the front, 1/4" and 1/2" inch new hairs growing in. The balding patch in the back is filling in. The results are better than I thought.
Sam J. - Dayton, OH area


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